Qualities of Animals that Humans should consider imitating

Qualities of Animals that Humans should consider imitating

“Oh you are such an animal!” and “you behave like an animal” are both examples of insults that people can find very offensive. Certain animal species carry negative and derogatory connotations and come with a strong emotional and moral charge. When you call someone an animal you are technically objectifying them and implying that they are literally subhuman. However, I would like to argue that to be associated with certain animals should be taken as a compliment ! Evolution has taught us that humans have evolved from animals such as apes and that we are only a specialized form of these primates. Therefore, humans should look at these animals more closely to see similarities in their behaviour and to also learn from them. 

Here is a list of some qualities of animals that humans should consider mimicking themselves.


Otherwise known as selflessness and putting the well-being of others before your own. Dolphins are innately altruistic. They are known to stay with injured or ill pod mates and to help their pod mates breathe by bringing them to the water’s surface. Their altruism also extends to species outside of their own. So next time you see someone in need, whoever it is, don’t walk past or ignore them, stop to help.


Elephants comfort distressed members of their herd by caressing them gently using their trunks; they have also been observed to make specific noises to communicate with the distressed individual. As humans, we can show our empathy to other humans through communication such as listening to them and also touch by hugging them or placing a hand on them as a gesture of comfort. Empathy is an animal trait that humans should prioritize. This is definitely one of the qualities of animals we should consider.


Wolves are loyal to their family and their packs. Once they mate, wolves tend to stay with that partner for life and when travelling, each wolf has a duty to protect every member of their pack. Humans should pay particular attention to the loyalty of wolves when it comes to relationships and use this as motivation to refrain from promiscuity!


Penguins offer gifts as part of their courtship ritual as a sign of their serious commitment. In particular, male penguins often give pebbles to females which are then used to build nests. I am not saying humans should start exchanging rocks or stones but it would be nice to show your appreciation for someone every once in a while by giving them a small gift as a sign of your gratitude.


An animal with integrity, the owl is an observer and commentator of life and represents sacred knowledge in many cultures. Wisdom is an admirable animal trait that humans should try to embody so as to think and act using knowledge, insight, and understanding. Like owls, humans should try to learn something from each experience in life.

Article written by Bridget Moncado

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