What are the Qualities of a Good Singer?

What are the Qualities of a Good Singer?

Article written by Bridget Moncado

Wanting to be a singer is very easy, many want to, but few achieve it. Many have had that dream since they were little: my dream is to be a singer, almost like being an astronaut or becoming superman. To go from dream to reality takes more than just the desire to be a singer.

Singing beautifully, singing well, and fine-tuning your voice are just the beginning of a long list of things you need to do to make a career as a singer. Being a singer is one of those careers that seems very easy to achieve without much effort. You just open your mouth and sing.

If so, then why is it such a dream? Why do so few people make it?

A good voice and a healthy body 

When we talk about having a good voice, we don’t mean an extraordinary or beautiful singing voice.  We mean a good speaking voice, a healthy speaking voice. If there is a very serious physical or psychological problem that affects the production and emission of sound, that will be an impediment.The reality is that in singing, while it is true that there are better-adapted bodies, people with a certain facility for singing; it is also very true that you can learn to sing, even if you do not have a teacher.

Musical Skills and Good Musical Memory

A singer needs to have musical aptitudes – a facility for music, mainly to have a good sense of rhythm and basic intonation. Another very necessary quality of a singer is musical memory. Do you hear a melody and it sticks to you very easily? Do you remember the lyrics of songs? Do you have trouble remembering a melody even without lyrics? If you answered yes to all of these, then you have part of what it takes to be a singer. 

Resistance to Criticism and Rejection

If you can’t stand criticism, think twice about wanting to become a singer. Every singer is criticized. From the most famous to the one who is just starting. No one will save you from criticism, good, bad, or made to destroy you.  Just as there will be many people who like your voice, there will be many people who don’t like it. These can be judges, producers, marketing people, record label A&R or any other important person who may reject you. 

Have good self-esteem (believe in yourself!) 

As you can imagine, to resist criticism and constant rejection, good self-esteem is fundamental. Your self-esteem is what will keep you on the path despite rejection, criticism, hard study, frustration, late success, and so on.

Conclusion – Motivation

Being a singer is not easy. Anyone can sing, everyone can sing. But to be a singer, to live from it, to give your life completely to it, despite all the difficulties, triumphs, and failures is not for everyone. The difference lies in motivation. How much love do you have for this dream? Would you dedicate your whole life to achieving it? How many times are you willing to fail and not give up? If you have a real passion that burns inside you to sing: that’s what will take you to the top.

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