The relationship between music and fashion

The relationship between music and fashion

Article written by Bridget Moncado

The symbiotic relationship between music and fashion can be traced back to before the 1950s. It has always been indissoluble and strong, but today, more than ever, it seems to live a golden moment that both sides are forever ready and eager to increase. Recently, a specific music genre seems to have conquered the heart of fashion, namely rap/hip-hop: collaborations, merchandising like real collections, events that unite and celebrate both sides and the boom of musicians who become fashion designers have reinforced the link between the runways and the musicians over time, so that today it seems impossible to imagine the two worlds divided.

Music and fashion styles throughout the years

Music and Fashion are both forms of artistic statements that express creativity, ideology, political stance and individuality. The two became so linked because music became a way of showing individuality, one’s ideas, beliefs, etc. which also music reflects. This close relationship is a timeless one whereby both parts have always benefited from the other. The minute an admirable style of fashion caught the fancy of an artist or musical celebrity, either on social events or music videos, the style automatically transformed into a trend which went down to the general public. In the 1920s jazz music was played in nightclubs with people of various races. Female jazz enthusiasts wore short and skimpy dresses without bras. The style at that time was what trended for women. In the 50s the advent of TVs brought room for Rock and Roll music videos which also brought an increase in the visibility of artistic styles and looks. This brought a great demand, especially in the teenage market for fashion designs which were similar to their favourite music artist. Same with Hippie music in the 60s and Punk Rock brands in the 70s. The Goth style during the 80s was a dark and gloomy music genre. It was characterized by dark clothing from head to toe, on hair too and even on the lips. The 90s brought about a form of music called Grunge and Hip Hop which manifested anger towards the world. It was portrayed by some hip hop artists like Tupas and Kurt Conan who popularized the ripped jeans fashion which trended as 90s outfits.

Music and fashion today 

Grime music is the most recent form of music fashion. It found its roots in the United Kingdom and has risen in popularity among people of different races. With artists such as Giggs and Stormzy making the mainstream. It influenced people to wear tracksuits and sneakers. Nowadays music and fashion are moulded together and will always serve as a reliable indicator of society in the world at large, by providing awareness, job opportunities, additional value and monetary factor collaborative ideas. Most artists today have their own clothing lines e.g., Rihanna, Kanye West and many more. Indeed, fashion dwells in music and also music dwells in a fashion which brings life to the world. “I think that fashion and music go hand in hand, and they always should. It’s the artist’s job to create imagery that matches the music. I think they’re very intertwined.” Lady Gaga. 

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